On Combatting the “Red Flags” of Global Psychopathy

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

If one has had occasion to study the ways and means of psychopaths, one cannot help but see so much of the current global mayhem through this lens.

Of course, ever since the first “gaslighting techniques” [1] were employed by the “original enemy” of mankind to disrupt the peace in Eden and wrest control of creation for his own agenda, psychopaths and their ilk have ever been prowling about to hound, control–and destroy.

But once we are aware, thus forewarned, of the tactics and tools of psychopathy, it becomes easier to counter it–and its practitioners–with clarity and proceed accordingly.

Freeing the mind, of course, begins the process of freedom from evil. Information helps.

I have referenced and linked, below [2], to a variety of good sources of information on the topic of psychopathy and psychopaths for the more serious researcher, but for starters, here’s a short list of what more and more people are noticing as happening in many facets of the contemporary state of things–things that are fast eroding. The list includes but a few of the so-called “red flags” to note when dealing with psychopaths:

1. Gaslighting (saying that what IS, is NOT, for one example), which causes listeners to engage in…
2. Cognitive dissonance (a kind of mind-numb of momentary—or prolonged—disbelief which buys the lier more time to gaslight…).
3. Word Salad (obfuscating reality with circular reasoning, straw man arguments, other fallacies and word-smithing to obfuscate true meaning and intent),
4. Lack of empathy (for real victims, for example),
5. Crazy-making (suggesting it’s really the victims who are at fault, for another example),
6. Pathological lying and excuses,
7. Erosion of boundaries, 
8. Pity plays,
9. Arrogance…

I encourage the reader to consider these tactics, to trust your own observations, to step away from the seven-second sound-bytes and seductive memes and all the pretty people who would like to keep your focus turned elsewhere so that, by evil craft, they can “fool most of the people most of the time.”

Certainly, for prophecy scholars there is another plan in play and the outcome is good. Very good.

However, believers are still to “occupy until He comes,” which requires diligence, beginning, when facing an opponent, with the first plan of effective warfare: “study your enemy”.

Soldier on, friends, in what ways you can, with what weapons you will.

Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8, NASB).


[1] Satan began by prompting doubt.

[2] There are so many good references from scholarly sources as well as personal testimonies of what it is like to live in the presence or milieu of psychopathy, whether it’s an individual or an institution, one can glean good information for hours. Here are just a few resources:







And, for a list of books for further study:




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Prophecy Patterns, Part 7 of 7: Jesus–Sign, Signal, Savior!

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part 1    part 2    part 3    part 4    Addendum to 4    part 5    part 6

Introduction to the entire series.

Introduction, Part 7, and last

So the reader might wonder, perhaps, after reading through one, two, or all 7 prophecy pattern tri-folds that my sister and researcher Claire Gumbs has been inspired to create over a period of nearly 7 years, now: Continue reading

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part 1    part 2    part 3    part 4    Addendum to 4    part 5    part 7

Introduction to the entire series.

Introduction, Part 6

If you have been reading through each of my sister and researcher Claire Gumb’s prophecy pattern tri-folds, you will recognize in #6 the “14 generations” time line from the first tri-fold with an added pattern overlay: the Metonic cycle (introduced in the last tri-fold). Yet even if you have not looked at the previous tri-folds, the pattern is obvious–and compelling: it adds yet more significance to this year of 2016. The
days of prophetic import are “syncing up,” as it were. As my sister writes, Continue reading

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