Fellow Blogger’s Commentary Related to Why, I Believe, People Have Long Been Concerned About TLC’s Patriarchal Duggar Family

I would like to draw your attention to a fellow blogger’s website on which she has posted an excellent, well-researched article pertaining to why many people have long been very concerned about TLC’s Duggar family who subscribe to, practice, and promote the teachings of the contemporary “patriarchal” movement.

I believe the post will help readers realize why many believe that this movement is not based on traditional Christian/biblical truths and  why, of even greater concern, many believe it has been a contributing factor in the exploitation of women and children within its confines. Here is the post:


While the blogger does not cite the Duggar family per se, or the recent revelation of the incest perpetrated in their family over a period of time on at least four of the sisters when they were very young, there is an important tie in, I believe. Thus, I refer to it here. For information on how the Duggar family has been involved in the patriarchal cult, a simple web search will reveal many credible informational venues (as opposed to gossip sites).

Although the emphasis in the news seems to be on redeeming the oldest brother (the perpetrator of the incest) I sincerely hope and pray that his victims, one as young as 5 at the time, receive the attention and counseling they need.

The crime of incest impacts its victims over a lifetime–whether or not they forgive the perpetrator. And this doesn’t mean they become bitter or angry. As Scripture indicates, “we are fearfully and wonderfully made,” which includes the “unseen” parts, too: thoughts, emotions, psyches, souls, spirits. We hardly know, as youngsters, what causes certain fears and trepidations, particularly if there are actual crimes hidden, covered up, or described as mere “teenage mistakes” (as is the case, here). We hardly know, sometimes, as adults what traces back…

What makes it particularly heartbreaking for those girls (now young women) is that in that belief system they are regarded as “churches” to their father’s/husband’s “savior” (and now, “prophet” and “priest”) roles. This is the primary focus of the blogger’s piece linked here.

Girls and women are to wholly submit to Daddy/husband (“immediate obedience” is the mandate) as unto God, literally. If Daddy says “do not speak of this,” they must obey or it is tantamount to disobeying God, Himself. If Daddy says, “you are partly to blame” (provocative actions, dress, looks, who knows what all–even in a child), they assume the blame/guilt/shame…

This is not to say, of course, that every family in the patriarchal cult experiences incest, but in such a closed, hierarchal belief system, the chances are logically far greater such crimes will occur.

What makes it particularly fearful for the women and children in the Duggar family, I think, now that the TLC cameramen and women, producers and support staff will not be around as sort of “witnesses” to the Duggar daily life (they have suspended the show for now) and Daddy may reign unfettered, as it were, is how much worse it might be on the girls and women.

And how much stress and tension due to the loss of likely considerable income may exacerbate matters (at least one big sponsor, General Mills, has pulled out of supporting the show–now and if it is ever reinstated). In that cult, girls and women are generally not allowed to attend college or trade schools and virtually the only occupations (until marriage when they assist husbands) allowed them are homeschooling (teacher licensing not required) and/or attending births as midwife assistants. And that’s a lot of mouths to feed for the boys/young men old enough to earn income outside the home–and who remain at home.

We need to pray for the Duggar women and children. And if anyone reading this is in any position of influence in that family, please reach out to them. I don’t know if Daddy Duggar can “hear” any of this, as enmeshed as he seems in the patriarchal cult, but there is always hope for the others.

Sadly, “the secular world” now has even more evidence with which to equate the tares with the wheat.

But reader, please understand: the modern patriarchal movement/cult does not reflect true Christianity.  In my opinion, the women and children of the Duggar family are, sadly, the (current) “poster children” of why this is so.

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Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

old antennaTHE NEWS

Have you seen this recent article (5/5/15): “FCC Commissioner: Conceivable Federal Government Will ‘Want to Start Tamping Down’”? [1]

If you are concerned about the Internet remaining neutral (original meaning) and remaining in the hands of the private sector, note carefully these excerpts: Continue reading

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Three Reminders for Troubling Times (from the “miscellaneous” stack)

treat-people ~~~~~~ The truism above caught my eye and “today’s Proverb” (chapter 6, verses 12-19, at the bottom) could not go without sharing, either. Does “he who might be referenced in this Proverb” remind you of anyone? Take heart, then.  Another “He (upper case H)” sees, knows, and works His plan. And HIS plan includes peace when we turn to Him in the midst of any fray. See: Continue reading

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On “The 10/80/10 (Physical ) Survival Theory” and “The 66 (Spiritual) Survival Plan”

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

warning symbolsWisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men,
from men whose words are perverse,
who have left the straight paths
to walk in dark ways,
 who delight in doing wrong
and rejoice in the perverseness of evil,
 whose paths are crooked
and who are devious in their ways.
(Proverbs 2:12-15 NIV)

In a sense, there is nothing new under the sun (another Scripture reveals), yet to anybody paying attention just now, “dark paths” and “devious men” seem to be multiplying.


One can hardly pick up a newspaper or turn on the television without noting more bad news about yet another terror.

Watchers on the temporal scene note the passing of some kind of tipping point as civilization (seemingly) breaks down.

Watchers on the spiritual scene note the up-tick of a number of so-called “end-times prophecies.”

The only ones left in the mocker’s chair are the frightful and the fearful as those who perpetrate perversion seem Hell bent…

What to do—“on the ground” and “in the spirit”? Continue reading

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On Our Abel and Our Cain Offerings

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

According to the narrative in Genesis chapter 4:1-15, it is said of Abel that his “thank offering” was pleasing to the Lord.

It is said of Cain that his was not.

Although both Abel’s fat of the lamb and Cain’s fruit of the land were minhah, acceptable, it is written their “hearts” made the difference. [1]

In quiet places, the echoes of the words of that story and The Word on that story prompt hungry listeners still…

For we are each Abel, and we are each Cain.

And it is still the heart that makes the difference.

Which heart?




THE STORY Continue reading

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Phyllis Beveridge Nissilapaulshannon_Old_Timey_Radio Perhaps you’ve seen the recent article in hollywoodreporter.com citing Norway as the first country planning to shut down its FM band in favor of digital-only radio. The shutdown is slated for Jan. 11, 2017, the last FM transmission to be aired in December of 2016.*

“That will likely be the opening move in a global transition to digital radio,” notes reporter Scott Roxborough.

At least in Norway’s case, this move is in the interest of “access to more diverse and pluralistic radio content and […] better sound quality and new functionality,” as Norway’s Ministry of Culture puts it.

The rest of Europe will likely follow. Continue reading

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On Tending Truth and Wrangling Weeds

Phyllis Nissila garden-supplies

It’s that time of the year in my hemisphere to clean up the yard, to remove the detritus of seasons past as terra firma warms and flora resumes. It’s time to clear out the old and opportunistic and feed and protect the new.

Gardeners arm up with “weed ‘n feed,” hand forks and hoes, and elbow grease.

Diligence required.

What brought this to mind is the need to “weed and feed” spiritually, too, particularly in the realm of good and evil that is neither terra nor firma yet prolific after its own kind in the unseen. Continue reading

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